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Compared to other pipes, PEX tubing is highly popular. They are easy to install, incredibly flexible, and resistant to freeze-cracking. However, PEX pipes are available in dozens of types. Each of them is specially designed to fulfill certain criteria.

hePEX and AquaPEX are the most commonly used tubing for household and commercial purposes. But, choosing between hePEX vs. AquaPEX may appear vague unless you know more details about them.

To reduce your hassles, here we come up with in-depth details.

A Quick Comparison Table

A significant difference exists between these two plumbing pipes. To give you a quick overview, here is a small table.

SpecificationhePEX PipeAquaPEX Pipe
Tubing TypeOxygen BarrierNon-Oxygen Barrier
Strength & FlexibilityVery strong & flexibleSlightly less strong and flexible
Fitting System CompatibilityPush Fit, Crimp, Expander, PEX Compression, PEX Press, Clamp, etc.Push Fit, Crimp, Expander, PEX Compression, PEX Press, Clamp, etc.
CertificationsNSF, and DIN4726ASTM F877, NSF, and DIN472
DurabilityExtremely durableDecent durability

A Detailed Comparison Between hePEX And AquaPEX

Knowing each product in detail will help you find the best option. Below is the head-to-head comparison between these two plumb tubing.

  • Material
hePEX Vs. AquaPEX Tubing: Which One To Choose? | Ralph's Way (1)

Both hePEX and AquaPEX are made from PEX material. It is mainly cross-linked polyethylene tubing.

Most manufacturers use this material to make PEX-A-type pipes.

They use medium- or high-density polyethylene with a special molecular structure to make these types of pipes.

To create these tubing, they need to be undergone a physical or chemical process.

Their increased stability and heat resistance properties make them ideal for hot- and cold potable water distribution, service lines, water supply lines, manifold & ‘home-run’ systems, etc.

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  • Tubing Type

Though both plumbing pipes are PEX-A type, hePEX has an oxygen barrier. Hence, additional oxygen will fail to get inside the pipe system. This is a plus point of installing the hePEX Pipe.

If you use hePEX tubing for rusting any ferrous metals in the boiler, pumps, or valve, it will not cause any issues. But AquaPEX may show rust or corrosion issues due to a lack of oxygen barrier.

However, any regular potable water and supply system will not have any issues with oxygen. But if the oxygen reaches the heating system, it will prematurely fail.

  • Strength & Flexibility

Both tubings have almost similar construction since they are of similar type and made from identical material. However, the strong oxygen barrier of hePEX makes it slightly more sturdy and flexible than AquaPEX.

It has superior temperature and pressure ratings. This makes it an ideal choice for residential and commercial radiant heating applications. Plus, their mechanical components will not change from extreme heat.

  • Fitting System Compatibility

Both hePEX and AquaPEX are suitable for various compression types of fittings. You can use them for crimping, Viega PEX press fittings (poly-alloy and bronze), and PEX Compression Fittings (a nut, ring, and insert).

If your home has hot and cold water pipelines, freeze melting systems, or fire suppression systems, both types of tubing come in handy. Apart from professional plumbers, many homeowners prefer to use them.

  • Certifications

hePEX and AquaPEX had met the standard of NSF and DIN4726. These NSF-certified tubing ensures safe drinking water and reduces the likelihood of costly repairs.

Their DIN 472 standard means they have a current underfloor heating standard. You can use them for any radiator connecting systems and warm water surface heating systems.

AquaPEX also has an ASTM F877 standard. It meets the criteria of Crosslinked Polyethylene (PEX) Plastic Hot- and Cold-Water Distribution Systems

  • Durability
hePEX Vs. AquaPEX Tubing: Which One To Choose? | Ralph's Way (2)

Although both types of PEX tubing are made from similar materials, hePEX is slightly more durable than AquaPEX.

But, surely, they can last easily for at least 50 years. You just need to install them correctly and follow appropriate regular maintenance.

hePEX has a better lifespan than AquaPEX due to its Oxygen Barrier properties.

Cold and hot water will be less likely to affect the physical construction of hePEX.

Hence, you will be less likely to see any development of rust or corrosion in hePEX pipes soon.

  • Price

hePEX is a little bit pricier than AquaPEX. But the difference is not unbearable between them. Since it is a long-term investment, you should not mind spending a few extra bucks.

But remember, the price will vary from one manufacturer to another. Their manufacturing process, materials, and other things will increase and reduce the cost.

Which PEX Tubing Is The Best For You?

Are you confused about choosing a particular option? Both units are made to last. Their similar constructions make them highly competitive with each.

If you don’t mind spending extra and want to use it for residential or commercial radiant heating applications, hePEX tubing is the best choice. It will provide you with a long-lasting service.

On the other hand, if you want to save a few bucks and use it for a regular household plumbing system, AquaPEX will not be the wrong choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can hePEX be used for potable water?

Yes, you can use hePEX for potable water because it meets the criteria of NSF standard.

What is hePEX tubing?

hePEX tubing is a special PEX tubing made from Crosslinked polyethylene material. It has Oxygen Barrier to protect the internal piping system from rust or corrosion.

Is hePEX the same as PEX-A?

hePEX has a PEX-A grade, known as the best quality PEX on the market. You can curve or bend in complicated areas. They are not prone to rust, scaling, and pitting.

What is the difference between PEX and AquaPEX?

PEX is a material that is used for all PEX-based tubes. But they have different grades.AquaPEX is made from PEX material, known as Cross-linked polyethylene material.

Bottom Lines

Since plumbing equipment is a long-term investment, choosing reliable, safe, and functional items is important. We have already mentioned all essential aspects of hePEX vs. AquaPEX.

Before picking a particular option, determine your household requirements. Your water supply line, location, and preference will give you enough reason to choose a specific plumbing tube.

hePEX Vs. AquaPEX Tubing: Which One To Choose? | Ralph's Way (2024)


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