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17Lesson In San Francisco



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Vocabulary A ClaudiaandherfamilyareonvacationinSanFrancisco.


B Whatcanpeopledoinyourtownorcity?Writetheactivities.UsePartAoryourownideas.

1. Take a boat ride. 4. 2. 5. 3. 6.


In San Francisco, they . . .

buy souvenirs. ride a trolley. take a boat ride. visit a museum.

go sightseeing. see a show. take pictures. walk in the park.


4 87







Vocabulary A ClaudiaandherfamilyareonvacationinSanFrancisco.


B Whatcanpeopledoinyourtownorcity?Writetheactivities.UsePartAoryourownideas.

1. 4.

2. 5.

3. 6.

Languagefocus A Claudiaisvideotapinghertripto


Today is our first day in San Francisco. I’m videotaping our trip. Right now, we’re visiting Fisherman’s Wharf. Let’s see . . . There are Mom and Dad. They’re buying souvenirs. My cousin, Ruben, is eating lunch over there. My brother, Oscar, is taking pictures with his new camera. And now you see me. You can do so much in San Francisco. It’s a great city!

B Everybody’sdoingdifferentthingsnow.Writethesentenceswiththecorrectformsoftheverbs.Thenlistenandcheck.

1. (Ruben / go sightseeing) He’s going sightseeing.

2. (Mom and Dad / see a show)

3. (Oscar / take pictures)

4. (Oscar and I / take a boat ride)

Speaking A Workwithtwoclassmates.Imagineyouareonvacationrightnow.


You I’m in San Francisco. I’m visiting a museum. Classmate 1 I’m at the beach. I’m swimming.Classmate 2 I’m in Puerto Rico. I’m taking pictures.

B Telltheclassaboutyourclassmates. You Mario is at the beach. He’s swimming. Tori is in Puerto Rico. She’s taking pictures.



Present continuous: affirmative statements

I’m videotaping our trip.She’s taking pictures.We’re visiting Fisherman’s Wharf.You’re skateboarding.They’re buying souvenirs.

buying = buy + ing taking = take + ing

Favorite Activities 59

At the park18Lesson


Vocabulary A Ms.NolanandMr.Browntaketheirstudentstothepark.Matchtherulesin


B LookatPartAagain.Readthesentencesandcheck(✓)T(true)orF(false).


1. They’re waiting for the green light.

2. Molly and Peter are staying on the bike path.

3. The girls are eating in the picnic area.

4. Dan is standing in line.

5. He’s throwing trash in the trash can.

Stand in line.Stay on the bike path.

Throw trash in the trash can.Wait for the green light.



Eat in the picnic area.Sit down in the boat.


60 Unit 5

Languagefocus A Thestudentsaren’tfollowingtherules.


Ms. Nolan Oh, no. The students aren’t following the rules! Look at Dan. He isn’t standing in line. Mr. Brown Hey, Dan! You aren’t standing in line! Ms. Nolan And look at Molly and Peter. They aren’t staying on the bike path. Mr. Brown Molly! Peter! Please stay on the bike path. Ms. Nolan Oh, no, wait! It’s a red light. I’m not paying attention. Mr. Brown You’re right. Now we aren’t following the rules!

B LookatthepictureinExercise1Aagain.Whatarethestudentsdoingwrong?Completethesentences.Thenlistenandcheck.

1. Dan isn’t standing in line .

2. Molly and Peter .

3. Fred .

4. Brad and Jeff .

5. Lisa .

6. Nan .

Listening Nowwhatarethestudentsdoingwrong?Listenandmatchthetwopartsofeachsentence.

1. Nan and Lisa aren’t b a. sitting down in the boat.2. Jeff isn’t b. eating in the picnic area.3. Dan and Fred aren’t c. standing in line.4. Brad isn’t d. staying on the bike path.5. Molly isn’t e. throwing trash in the trash can.









Present continuous:negative statements

I’m not paying attention.You aren’t standing in line.He isn’t standing in line.We aren’t following the rules.They aren’t staying on the bike path.aren’t = are not isn’t = is not

Favorite Activities 61

17 & 18Lessons Mini-review

Languagecheck A Writethepresentcontinuousformoftheverbs.

1. sit sitting2. skate 3. wait

4. throw 5. pay 6. stay

7. ride 8. swim 9. go

B HelenaandherfamilyareonvacationinNewYorkCity.CompleteHelena’spostcardtoherfriendJane.

Dear Jane,Hello from New York City. Right now, my sister Hannah and I are in Central Park. I ‘m (’m / is) writing to my friends. Hannah (is / are) taking pictures with her new camera. Dad and my brother Marcos (isn’t / aren’t) at the park. They (is / ’re) visiting a museum. Mom (isn’t / aren’t) visiting the museum. She (’s / are) buying souvenirs for our friends at home. New York is a great city! We (is / ’re) having a lot of fun here.See you soon!Helena

Jane Brown123 Front Street Miami, FL 33123

C Usethecuestowritesentences:✓=yes,✗=no.

1. Joe / wait for the green light (✓)

Joe is waiting for the green light.2. Alicia / sit down in the boat (✗)

3. Dmitri / stand in line (✗)

4. Ginny / eat in the picnic area (✓)

5. Laura / stay on the bike path (✗)

6. Tony / throw trash in the trash can (✗)


62 Unit 5

D Lookatthephotos.What’severyonedoing?Correctthesentences.

7:00 a.m.

1. Kate’s reading a book. She isn’t reading a book. She’s doing her homework.2. Rafael’s taking a boat ride. 3. Claudia’s visiting a museum. 4. Zach’s watching a video.

7:00 p.m.

5. Rafael’s walking in the park. 6. Zach’s taking pictures. 7. Kate’s standing in line. 8. Claudia’s eating lunch.

Listening Kateisbusytoday.Whereisshe?Listenandnumberthesentencesfrom1to4.

She’s in the park. She’s at the movie theater. She’s in a store. She’s in school.




Favorite Activities 63


19 At the beach Vocabulary

A Whatarethesepeopledoingatthebeach?Matchthetwopartsofeachsentence.Thenlistenandpractice.

1. Two boys are a. collecting seashells.2. A baby is b. floating on a raft. 3. Two girls are c. flying a kite.4. A family is d. having a picnic.5. A dog is e. playing in the sand.6. A man is f. sailing a boat.7. A boy is g. swimming in the ocean.8. A girl is h. throwing a Frisbee.

B Whatdoyoudoatthebeach?Writesentencesabouttwothingsyoudoandtwothingsyoudon’tdo.



Things I do at the beach

I swim in the ocean.

I don’t collect seashells.

Things I don’t do at the beach

64 Unit 5

Languagefocus A MartyandEllalookforeachotheratthe


Ella Hi, Marty. It’s Ella. I’m at the beach. Where are you? Marty Hi, Ella. I’m at the beach, too. Ella Really? I’m sitting near a lifeguard chair. Marty Hmm. Me, too. I don’t see you, but I see a little girl in a red bathing suit. Ella Me, too. Is she playing in the sand? Marty No, she isn’t. She’s collecting seashells. Ella Seashells? I guess there are a lot of girls in red bathing suits here today!

B Completetherestoftheconversation.Listenandcheck.Thenpractice.

Ella OK, are you sitting near two boys? Marty Yes, I am . Ella they a Frisbee? Marty No, they . They’re eating lunch on the beach. Ella Hmm. a boy a kite? Marty Um, no. Do you see two girls near the ocean? Ella Yes, I do. Marty they seashells? Ella , they aren’t. They’re having a picnic. Hey! we talking about the same beach?

Listening LeecallsHannahfromthebeach.Arethesesentencestrueorfalse?Listenandcheck(✓)T(true)orF(false).




1. Naomi is swimming in the ocean. 2. Tom and Ken are playing ball. 3. Dave is sailing a boat. 4. Megan is floating on a raft. 5. Lee is taking a boat ride. 6. Hannah is doing homework now.

Present continuous: Yes / No questions

Is she playing in the sand? Yes, she is. No, she isn’t.Are they throwing a Frisbee? Yes, they are. No, they aren’t.

Favorite Activities 65


20 At the store Vocabulary

A Ana,Clara,Rafael,Zach,andTommyareatthestore.Listenandpractice.

B Lookattheitemsforsaleatthestore.Listenandpractice.

C WritethenameofeachitemfromPartBinthecorrectcolumn.


1. Ana and Clara are shopping for jewelry.

2. Rafael is trying on a jacket.

3. Zach is paying for a baseball glove.

4. Tommy is looking at comic books.

Sports equipment







3. a tennis racket2. a coat 4. a surfboard 5. a ring

9. a baseball bat8. a belt6. a scarf

1. a bracelet

7. a necklace

66 Unit 5

Languagefocus A AnaseesZachatthestore.


Zach Hi, Ana. What are you doing? Ana I’m here with Clara. We’re shopping for jewelry. How about you? Zach Oh, I’m just looking at everything here. Ana Rafael and Tommy are here, too. Zach Really? What are they doing? Ana Well, Tommy’s looking at comic books, and Rafael’s trying on clothes. Zach Oh. What’s he trying on? Ana He’s trying on a jacket. It’s red and black. It’s really cool. Zach I have a red and black jacket, too. Hey, Rafael! That’s my jacket!

B Thefriendscontinuetoshop.Writequestions.Listenandcheck.Thenpractice.

Tommy What’s Ana trying on? (Ana / try on) Rafael She’s trying on a bracelet. Rafael (you / look at) Ana We’re looking at some jewelry. Ana (you / do) Zach I’m shopping for a surfboard. Clara (Rafael / pay for) Tommy He’s paying for a belt. Zach (Ana and Clara / try on) Tommy They’re trying on some clothes.

PronunciationStress Listen.Noticethestress.Thenlistenagainandpractice.

Speaking Workwithaclassmate.Nametwoofyourfamilymembers.Thenaskandanswerquestions





What are you doing?

What are you looking for?

What’s he trying on?

What’s she buying?

Present continuous: What questions

What are you doing? I’m looking at everything.What are you doing? We’re shopping for jewelry.What’s he trying on? He’s trying on a jacket.What are they doing? They’re looking at comic books.

I have a sister. She’s studying.What’s she doing now?

Favorite Activities 67

ReadUnit 5

Our Trip So FarDear Rodrigo,

Today is my family’s third day in Japan, and we’re really

enjoying our trip. Right now, I’m sitting in a park and writing

about our trip so far. Today, we’re in Okayama. There are

many interesting things here – museums, a castle, parks,

shops, and restaurants. It’s a really beautiful city.

We’re near the castle right now. My mother is looking at everything

and taking pictures. Oh, and my father’s buying souvenirs – some

postcards and some books. My sister’s with him. She’s standing in

line, but she isn’t buying souvenirs. She’s buying tickets for a show

tonight – a traditional Japanese play. Cool!

In the shop next to me, people are buying Momotaro (“Peach Boy”)

dolls. Momotaro is an important boy in some old Japanese stories.

He’s from Okayama. And the peaches in Okayama are famous.

They’re delicious. I’m eating one now. Talk to you later!


A Readtheletterquickly.Arethesestatementstrueorfalse?WriteTrueorFalse.

1. It’s Paulo’s third trip to Japan.

2. Okayama is a really beautiful city.

3. The apples in Okayama are delicious.

B Readtheletterslowly.CheckyouranswersinPartA.

C Answerthequestions.

1. Is Paulo’s family enjoying their trip? Yes, they are.2. What’s Paulo doing? 3. Is his mother taking pictures? 4. Is his father buying tickets for a play? 5. What’s his sister doing?


68 Unit 5



I’m really bored.A LuisaandMatttalkaboutavacation.Listenandanswerthequestions.

1. Is Matt enjoying the trip? No, he isn’t.2. What’s Matt doing? 3. Is Matt’s father collecting seashells? 4. Is Timmy swimming in the ocean? 5. What are Matt’s mom and sister buying? 6. What are Matt’s grandparents doing?

B Whatdoyouthink?Answerthequestions.

1. Do you think family trips are fun? 2. Do you think a beach trip is exciting? 3. Do you think traditional shows are interesting? 4. Do you think souvenirs are fun gifts?

Your turnA Imagineyouandyourfamilyaresightseeingonatrip.Answerthequestions.

1. Where are you? 2. What’s the place like? 3. Where are you sitting and writing the postcard? 4. What are your family members doing? 5. Are you and your family enjoying the trip?

B Writeapostcardtoyourfriendaboutyourtrip.UsetheanswersinPartAtohelpyou.

Favorite Activities 69

Unit 5 Review Languagechartreview

A Completethestories.Besuretousethecorrectformsoftheverbsandverbphrases.

Story 1

Hi! I’m Rachel. I’m not going to school (I / not / go to school)

today. (I / hang out) with my friend,

Lissa, today. (we / go sightseeing)

in the city. Right now, (we / visit)

a museum. (Lissa / buy)

souvenirs, and (I / stand) in line.

I’m really thirsty, so (I / have) a

soda. (Lissa / eat) an ice-cream

cone while we wait to go into the museum.

Story 2

Some people (see) a

show, but one man (not / listen)

to the actors. He (not / follow)

the theater’s rules. He (not / throw)

his trash in the trash can. Another man

(not / watch) the show. He’s asleep!

Present continuous statements

Affirmative Negative

I’m buying a bracelet. I’m not looking at souvenirs.You’re standing in line. You aren’t eating lunch.She’s walking in the park. She isn’t sleeping.We’re having a picnic. We aren’t sitting at the beach.They’re visiting a museum. They aren’t taking a boat ride.

70 Unit 5


B LookagainatPartA.Writequestionsandanswers.1. Rachel and Lissa / visit a museum today

Q: Are Rachel and Lissa visiting a museum today? A: Yes, they are. 2. Lissa / stand in line

Q: A:

3. Rachel / wear jeans

Q: A:

4. the people / see a show

Q: A:

5. the man / talk on the phone

Q: A:

C Writequestionstocompletetheconversations.1. A What are your friends doing? B My friends? They’re throwing a Frisbee in the yard.

2. A B No, we aren’t eating. We’re doing homework.

3. A B He’s wearing jeans.

4. A B My mom’s painting the kitchen.

5. A B I’m eating a sandwich. I’m hungry!

6. A B They’re listening to rock music.

Present continuous Yes / No and What questions

Are you listening to music? What are you listening to? Yes, I am. / No, I’m not. I’m listening to my new CD.

Is he walking in the park? What’s he doing? Yes, he is. / No, he isn’t. He’s walking in the park.

Are they trying on clothes? What are they trying on? Yes, they are. / No, they aren’t. They’re trying on coats.


Favorite Activities 71

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