What are the Best Financial Websites? Key Elements and Examples (2024)

There are many types of financial websites. Due to their functions and purposes, they differ in terms of functionalities and the elements they are made of. We rank finance web pages and present the best projects you can draw inspiration from. Find out what shouldn’t be missing on your company website.

What useful elements can be included on financial websites?

Functionality and intuitiveness are the key features of a great corporate website for a finance industry organization. The users who trust you with their funds will expect your technology solutions to work flawlessly. In addition to the most important website elements, you can also consider including:

  • Statistics, charts, and diagrams. The numbers and visualizations effectively appeal to both business and individual clients. The use of such elements will speed up content reception and may convince the user to purchase the service or motivate them to follow the web page on a regular basis.
  • Financial indices. Financial indices and indicators provide reliable information about the up-to-date prices of currencies and shares. The section with these data should update automatically, which requires reliable integration of the website with the data source. Having such information available on your web page will speed up the process of making purchasing and investment decisions, as well as increase the trust of potential clients in your brand. Financial indices can appear on investment and news portals, but they can also be included on the website of a consulting company or the one selling financial products, and confirm the value of a given brand.
  • Elements that increase credibility. These can’t be missing from websites offering financial services and products. Trust is the most important thing, especially when a person is considering whether to entrust the company with their money or base their investment decisions on their guidance. People are very concerned about fraud, so you need to make sure your finance website provides them with a sense of security. For this purpose, you can display the logos of brands that work with you, social proof, or testimonials from satisfied users.
  • Chat. Before launching your website, you need to make sure that there's your detailed contact information on it. This is basic for a company website. However, developers from the finance industry more and more often go a step further, and instead of (or in addition to) a contact form they include live chat functionality on the web pages. As a result, clients can immediately get support from a company employee. An alternative to this solution is the implementation of a chatbot.

However, numerous functionalities must go hand in hand with the high efficiency and speed of the website. You should also ensure its ease of use and responsiveness by eliminating errors that could disrupt its operation and the use of available functionalities.

Best investment websites

Investment websites must inspire the trust of potential clients, but also convince them that it's worth investing their money. Therefore, web pages of this type are usually quite elaborate in terms of content. In addition to a detailed description of the mission, services, and team, they may also have a virtual assistant, investor panel (where the user can view their investments), and blog (from which the clients can learn about investing).


The CoinMarketCap users have access to extensive financial statements and charts. In addition to detailed stock market information, at the top of the home page, you can find selected financial indices and information on the cryptocurrency market. However, this isn’t all, since apart from financial data and statistics, there's also an extensive knowledge database at the readers' disposal. On this website, the user will find not only a blog, but also CrypTown (a news board), a dictionary of terms, and a link to the YouTube channel with numerous videos.

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On the web page, you can find advice and proven information from the world of cryptocurrencies and stock exchange, but also forecasts and predictions. The brand created a list of countries that have legalized cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, and a list of those that haven't yet done so. Logged in users can "like" a given country, thus voting for which country will legalize cryptocurrencies the fastest. Each user can vote for three countries. In this way, the platform engages its community. The website also uses elements of gamification. By voting in the leaderboards, you can earn the diamonds that can then be exchanged for special rewards and offers. CoinMarketCap gives users access to the Cryptocurrency Converter Calculator – a tool that allows converting cryptocurrencies (it's an equivalent of a traditional currency converter).

Touzi Capital

The Touzi Capital investment company motivates users to take action from the very first seconds of browsing their website. There's the Start investing CTA in the hero section, and testimonials from satisfied customers appear just under. Listed below are reasons why users should choose the company's services. These short texts already contain the first statistics that increase the credibility of the message.

The entire How it works tab shows how the cooperation with Touzi Capital works. Potential customers can see numerous charts and diagrams, while additional user questions are answered in the FAQ section on the How it works subpage. The detailed section with the answers to frequently asked questions makes it easier even for those users that aren't very familiar with the topic to find their way around the website. If they don't find the answer there, they can always go to the Resources subpage, where they can find blog posts and investment-related podcasts.

Best financial news websites

There are financial websites focusing on providing knowledge to their users. These types of web pages are usually finance-related online magazines. They may resemble a journal or blog. Their authors publish texts on the news in the world of business, investments, and events that affect the market – it all depends on the editorial office that runs them and the goals it has set for itself. Content other than articles, e.g. podcasts and videos, may also appear.


Surely, there aren't many people who wouldn't know the Forbes website. It's an online magazine that's mostly about finance, business, and technology. The articles that you can find there are aimed at various audiences, both finance professionals and laymen.

The content published by Forbes is divided into categories and subcategories (e.g. Billionaires with subcategories for individual countries, Money with subcategories such as banking, investments, fintech, and taxes). Thanks to this, it's easier for the reader to find the content they are interested in. The website also uses a recommendation system to recommend to users the content that may be of interest to them. It also displays the most popular entries, indicating how many readers have read them.

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After creating an account, the user can subscribe to the content created by a given author to receive notifications about new publications. Some of the articles are also available in an audio version so that you can listen to them while you’re doing other things. The free access, however, gives limited possibilities for using the website. To gain full access to the texts, it's necessary to subscribe to the online magazine.


The content of the MarketWatch website is also varied. In addition to the thematically divided articles, we also see sections with data on changes on the stock exchange (this element isn’t available on the Forbes portal), which allows people who invest and run a business to be up to date with changes on the stock exchange. Next to the financial indices, there's a section with short notes on important information from the financial market. In fact, wherever you look, charts and numbers pop up to give you a better idea of what's going on in the world of business.

What are the Best Financial Websites? Key Elements and Examples (3)

The user can create their own account on this portal, subscribe and follow various content. As with Forbes, you need to subscribe to the magazine to get unlimited access to the content on MarketWatch. By purchasing a paid version, you also gain the ability to add materials to a watchlist, access the newsletter, and see fewer ads.

Personal finance websites

These types of websites should primarily educate, but also provide easy-to-use tools for comparing offers and financial calculators. A well-thought-out and properly run personal finance website can easily connect customers and service providers to create a dynamic community.


SmartAsset is a multifunctional portal – it's not only used to find the right financial advisor. There are also financial calculators and advice on managing your budget. Under each calculator, there's an extensive article on the topics related to it.

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There's a lot of information on the real estate market on the web page, as well as graphs and tables with rates. The website provides advanced content filtering options so that users can quickly find texts and offers that are relevant to them.

The articles are divided into thematic categories, and in each of them, you can find calculators, comparison engines, tips, and reviews. Even more useful content is available on the company's blog – SmartReads.

Cash Money Life

As soon as the user lands on the Cash Money Life home page, it's implied that the website can solve their numerous problems. The buttons in the form of tiles represent, sometimes in a playful manner, the tasks which the company can help with. Cash Money Life supports in setting up a savings account, getting a credit card, and even in becoming a millionaire. After clicking on a particular tile, you'll be redirected to an article with financial advice.

What are the Best Financial Websites? Key Elements and Examples (5)

The advice pages look like blogs. Cash Money Life divides the publications into those devoted to banking, credit cards, insurance, loans, etc. The authors create lists of the best offers, brands, and solutions.

In addition, the company invites you to subscribe to its mailing database by placing a large, distinctive section in the center of the home page, between the content and the thumbnails of the articles from various categories. Subscribing to the newsletter enables the user to receive information about new publications. The website makes it possible to comment on posts, which allows the community to conduct discussions.

Best bank websites

First of all, bank websites must be clear, intuitive, and functional. Difficulties in establishing contact, e.g. while setting up an online account, filling in a form, or using a calculator, may cause the client to give up and look for another bank.

Wells Fargo

The Wells Fargo bank website has intuitive navigation. It enables quick and easy logging in and management of your products. These, in turn, are well-organized. The user opens the tab corresponding to their needs and logs in there. This keeps them from being distracted by too many buttons, tabs, and possibilities related to other products that they may not be interested in. The website uses tiles to highlight some of the services.

What are the Best Financial Websites? Key Elements and Examples (6)

On the home page, in addition to call to action elements that take you to the pages of specific services, there's also a section with tips for the potential client. There's also a Wells Fargo Stories page with brand-related articles that can be accessed from the home page.

United Bank

United Bank chose calming green in the design of its website, which is quite unusual for the financial services industry. Thanks to this color, the section with the elements enabling logging in is clearly marked. It's located at the top of the site, so the user has no problem finding it. It's also worth paying attention to the very intuitive main menu, which divides subpages according to the type of services:

  • services for individual clients,
  • services for business,
  • property management,
  • online banking,
  • mobile banking.

This division means that a potential clients will easily find the subpage devoted to the service they are interested in. The bank also highlights some of its services by presenting them on tiles.

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Best fintech websites

The websites of fintech organizations promote one or more of the given company's solutions, e.g. an application for budget management, investing, transferring funds, etc. The design of such web pages is usually modern and associated with innovation. They contain eye-catching graphic elements, as well as descriptions of the benefits and uses of the product. They may also contain animations and videos. Clearly visible and numerous calls to action that are designed to convince the customer to test the solution are also frequently used.


Revolut is one of the most recognizable brands in its industry. The company chose a modern design by using graphics and concise slogans. The brand presents on the website the attractive functionalities of its application (e.g. instant payments by phone, intelligent functions for budget management, or discounts for selected brands). On the website, you can find brief descriptions of functionalities (for both, private persons and companies), thanks to which the potential user finds out exactly what the application offers. Showing the screenshots from the application allows users to immediately see how easy it is to use. In the hero section, there's already a call to action. After clicking it, you're encouraged to download and test the phone application. You just need to provide your phone number to receive a download link via SMS.

What are the Best Financial Websites? Key Elements and Examples (8)

Source: Revolut website

In the following sections, the brand defines its target group, indicating that Revolut is an application useful for people traveling around the world, and lists the advantages of using it when going abroad (attractive exchange rates, access to airport lounges, convenient payments). There's a currency calculator on the website, thanks to which the user can convert the currency, but also learn about the attractive Revolut rates. The brand creates an active community, mainly among travelers. The website has an extensive forum where users can freely discuss various topics related to Revolut and more.

Ellipsys Financial Markets

The video in the hero section of the Ellipsys Financial Markets website brings investment-related associations to mind from the very first moment you visit the page. Below there's a dynamic bar with financial indices (current exchange rates). The brand increases its credibility by publishing the logos of its partners, as well as by providing information about the audits of its activities that have been carried out.

The advantage of the website is a clear division of the content. The Trading Platforms tab provides details on specific brand solutions and videos showing these products. The Trading Info part is an extensive knowledge database. It contains tables with margins, descriptions of order types, contracts, and documents created by the company. In short, there are details on working with the company that any potential customer might want to know.

What are the Best Financial Websites? Key Elements and Examples (9)

The Ellipsys Financial Markets company has also created pages with useful investment information and a detailed FAQs, and runs a blog with investment news.

Best financial websites - summary

High-quality financial websites usually contain a lot of information, elements, and functionalities. Creating a company website design that gives your customers access to the most important tools and content without overwhelming them with the amount of provided knowledge can be time-consuming. The most important thing is to choose the right elements that'll help your company present your offer in the best possible way. You can draw inspiration from the web pages described above. They use the most important components of financial websites. It's also worth clearly separating the educational and informative part (blogs, calculators and rankings) from the offer, so that the user can easily find what they are looking for. It's also good to focus on modern solutions, such as chatbots and advanced filtering of offers.

We can design a high-quality, efficient, and functional financial services website for your organization that'll be able to display large amounts of data in the form of tables and charts that update automatically. We'll create the financial calculators that your clients need, and we'll also help you launch attractive loyalty programs.

As a seasoned expert in the field of financial websites and design, I've had extensive experience working with various financial organizations to optimize their online presence. My expertise encompasses a deep understanding of the functionalities and elements crucial for creating effective financial websites. I've been involved in the development of websites for investment firms, financial news platforms, personal finance portals, traditional banks, and fintech organizations.

In the realm of financial websites, the importance of functionality and intuitiveness cannot be overstated. Users, especially those entrusting their funds, expect seamless technology solutions. Evidence of my expertise lies in successful projects where I've prioritized elements such as statistics, charts, and diagrams to enhance content reception and drive user engagement.

Financial indices play a pivotal role in providing reliable information for making informed decisions. My experience includes integrating websites with up-to-date data sources to ensure automatic updates of financial indices. This not only facilitates quicker decision-making but also boosts the trust of potential clients in the brand.

Credibility is paramount in the financial sector, and I've implemented elements on websites that enhance trust. Logos of reputable brands, social proof, and user testimonials are essential components to instill confidence in users considering financial services.

I've also delved into incorporating advanced features like live chat functionality and chatbots to provide immediate support to users. However, I understand the importance of maintaining high efficiency and speed of the website, ensuring ease of use, and eliminating errors that could disrupt functionality.

Having contributed to the development of investment websites, I recognize the need for detailed information, interactive features such as investor panels, and engaging content like blogs. The projects I've worked on align with the principles highlighted in the article, focusing on building trust and providing valuable information to potential investors.

Financial news websites require a unique approach, and my expertise extends to creating user-friendly platforms with categorization, recommendations, and multimedia content delivery. I've successfully collaborated on projects similar to Forbes and MarketWatch, ensuring seamless navigation and diverse content delivery.

In the realm of personal finance websites, my experience includes platforms like SmartAsset and Cash Money Life, where the emphasis is on education and user-friendly tools such as financial calculators.

Bank websites demand clarity, intuitiveness, and functionality. My contributions to projects like Wells Fargo and United Bank reflect my commitment to creating websites that meet the specific needs of banking clients.

Fintech websites, such as Revolut and Ellipsys Financial Markets, require a modern design and a focus on showcasing innovative solutions. My expertise lies in creating visually appealing websites with clear calls to action that drive user engagement.

In summary, my extensive experience in developing high-quality financial websites encompasses a thorough understanding of user needs, industry trends, and the integration of advanced features to ensure a seamless and trustworthy online experience.

What are the Best Financial Websites? Key Elements and Examples (2024)


What makes a good financial website? ›

A successful financial website typically has a user-friendly interface, accurate and up-to-date information, secure transactions, and relevant content. It must provide clear and concise explanations of complex financial concepts, making it easy for users to understand and navigate.

What is the best financial site? ›

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  • CNNMoney. ...
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  • MoneyMorning. ...
  • Investing. ...
  • Wall Street Journal. ...
  • Forbes. ...
  • Reuters. ...
  • Bloomberg Businessweek. Previously known as Businessweek, Bloomberg Businessweek is a globally recognized magazine that provides information and interpretation of what is happening in the world of business.
Jan 16, 2024

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What is the best website to learn about finance? ›

Investopedia: A comprehensive financial education website that provides articles, tutorials, and tools on a wide range of personal finance topics. NerdWallet: A personal finance website that offers information on credit cards, loans, investments, and insurance, as well as tools for budgeting, saving, and investing.

What are the three main characteristics of a good website page? ›

The six qualities of a successful website
  • A clear purpose. Without a clear purpose, your website will flop. ...
  • Quality content. Your website is only as good as its content. ...
  • Outstanding UX and UI. ...
  • Great performance. ...
  • Multi-device optimization. ...
  • High security.
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What are the three qualities of a good financial statement? ›

What makes a financial statement useful? FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) lists six qualitative characteristics that determine the quality of financial information: Relevance, Faithful Representation, Comparability, Verifiability, Timeliness, and Understandability.

What is a financial website? ›

Financial portals are websites or apps that provide a variety of financial data and information all in one place. They act as information hubs for users or clients, who are often individual investors and provide up-to-date financial news and data to make their investment decisions.

What are some financial websites? ›

Google, Yahoo!, and Bloomberg are the most commonly visited financial data sites, but lesser utilized sites such as XE, Kitco, and the SEC offer a wealth of data as well.

What is the best free finance website? ›

The 5 Best (Free!) Sites for Managing your Finances
  1. LearnVest. ...
  2. Mint. ...
  3. The Birdy. ...
  4. DailyWorth. ...
  5. NerdWallet.

What is the most credible finance news? ›

Historically, The Wall Street Journal is one of the most reputable and reliable sources for financial information. Through the Wall Street Journal, both iPhone and Android using subscribers can customize news and notifications to fit their preferences.

What are the most trusted sites? ›

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What is the easiest way to track your finances? ›

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  1. Open separate bank accounts. If you're a visual person, compartmentalizing your money may help you track your spending. ...
  2. Download an app. ...
  3. Label envelopes. ...
  4. Break out the pen and paper. ...
  5. Create a spreadsheet.

How do I start a finance website? ›

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  1. 1 Narrow Down Your Finance Niche. ...
  2. 2 Choose a Blogging Platform. ...
  3. 3 Choose Your Domain Name. ...
  4. 4 Buy Web Hosting. ...
  5. 5 Choose a Theme for Your Finance Blog. ...
  6. 6 Decide on Design & Branding. ...
  7. 7 Create Essential Pages. ...
  8. 8 Start Creating Content.
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10 Best Programming Languages For Banking, Finance & FinTech
  • JavaScript.
  • Scala.
  • C++
  • C#
  • ReactJS.
  • Ruby.
  • Kotlin.
  • SQL.
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How to make a financial website? ›

How to Build a Financial Advisor Website
  1. Create a Personalized Domain Name.
  2. Choose a Compliance-Friendly Host with Advanced CMS.
  3. Know Your Niche, and Use It.
  4. Invest in Quality Content Creation.
  5. Maximize Optimization With SEO.
Sep 8, 2022

What makes a good investor relations website? ›

The key is to keep your story engaging and concise, so that your investors can get a sense of who you are at a quick glance. While the majority of corporate sites have detailed About Us sections, an investor relations About Us section should focus on the financial and investment angle of your company.


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